The Pink Golf Challenge

To be at the cutting edge of societal solutions to healthcare in South Africa – and create early detection activations to promote better health-seeking behaviour.


Boy Without Identity

To educate the under-resourced South African youth in a manner that gives them a steadfast advantage in the global economy.

Creative Industries

Leaders in Motion Academy (LiMA)

To transform the mindsets of young people by unlocking the hidden talents and potential of youth through film, animation, gaming, coding and art and entrepreneurship capacity building programs within creative industries.

About Thato Molamu Foundation

The Thato Molamu Foundation is a South African based non-profit organization, founded in 2012 – with the goal of having a measurable impact in the lives of under-resourced South Africans through healthcare, education and creative industries.

The Thato Molamu Foundation aims to transform the mindsets of people by unlocking the hidden talents and potential of youth through film, animation, gaming, coding and art and entrepreneurship capacity building programs within creative industries.

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Thato Molamu Foundation

Our Story

We are inspired by Africa’s potential, it’s human resources, innovative spirit, it’s culture, heart and its untold stories.

After years of interacting with different social challenges in our communities, engaging with the young people, elderly people in different challeged communities, Thato Molamu realised that his love for people went far beyond just being a passion – it was a calling. With this in mind, he heeded the call to use his influence to drive positive change by initiating the inclusion of Arts in the STEM curriculum, making it STEAM, to stimulate economic participation and by skilling commuties with 4IR skills.

Thato Molamu Foundation



The Pink Golf Challenge campaign aims to interpose between the treatment discord by raising funds to support cancer patients without access to dignified care and treatment.


To educate and mould under-resourced young men into virtuous, responsible individuals by formulating tailor-made mentorship programs in a manner that:

About Us

The foundation is aimed to change the mindsets of human beings (Youth) through Film, Art and creating Business opportunities.

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