Thato Molamu Foundation

The Thato Molamu Foundation is a South African based non-profit organization, founded in 2012 – with the goal of having a measurable impact in the lives of under-resourced South Africans through healthcare, education and creative industries.

The Thato Molamu Foundation aims to transform the mindsets of people by unlocking the hidden talents and potential of youth through film, animation, gaming, coding and art and entrepreneurship capacity building programs within creative industries. Thato Molamu is a philanthropist by heart, media personality and entrepreneur who’s an advocate for change and seeks to create a better quality of life for people by unlocking their potential through educational programs that are thought-provoking, enticing and appealing to the young people and society at large. These programs/initiatives will essentially equip people with the skills they need to not only survive, but to thrive in the new digital economy.

The Foundation has a key interest in becoming an information sharing hub on a constant mission to provide access to information, training in future relevant skills that have the ability to enhance the lives of people through CRV (Shared Value) initiatives in all communities, especially those that are disadvantaged, with the goal of promoting proactive citizenship for economic participation. Thato Molamu has worked in Theatre and Film for more than 16 years. His wealth of experience and wide network in the creative industries is the driving force behind foundation’s impact.

We advocate for South Africans (and Africans) to become true patriots of our beloved country/continent and embody the spirit of collaboration and “Ubuntu” by reimagining Africa to eradicate poverty through educational conversations and programs.

Our Story

We are inspired by Africa’s potential, it’s human resources, innovative spirit, it’s culture, heart and its untold stories.

After years of interacting with different social challenges in our communities, engaging with the young people, elderly people in different challeged communities, Thato Molamu realised that his love for people went far beyond just being a passion – it was a calling. With this in mind, he heeded the call to use his influence to drive positive change by initiating the inclusion of Arts in the STEM curriculum, making it STEAM, to stimulate economic participation and by skilling commuties with 4IR skills. His influence as a well-known public figure is leveraged to affect change by working together with disadvantaged communities and the general public.

No dream can ever be achieved alone. There is power in collaboration and we encourage you to join us on this incredible, life-changing journey of creating the change that we want to see and building towards a better Africa that we can all be proud of.

Our Aim

– Provide creative industries skill force
– Eradicate poverty in rural and township areas
– Awareness campaigns and educational initiatives for schools (basic & higher learning)
– Township development
– Become a Storytelling archive centre for African content preservation and raising awareness through film and art
– Partner and collaborate with Corporates and Government to accelerate the changes
– Provide access to better education for disadvantaged youth in Africa.


To be the centre of change in Africa and collaborating with human resources that positively impact the lives of African families that are in need of access to quality education.


To advocate for positive and impactful change using film, animation, gaming and art education.


Change is within, we unlock it together.

About Us

The foundation is aimed to change the mindsets of human beings (Youth) through Film, Art and creating Business opportunities.

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