Our healthcare vertical is based on the belief that the kind of treatment, access to treatment and cost of treatment must be independent of South Africans’ socio-economic standing. No citizen should go without access to primary healthcare.


Our aim is to be at the cutting edge of societal solutions to healthcare in South Africa – and create activations that align with our early detection of cancer goals through education to promote health seeking behavior, and nationwide screening.


The Pink Golf Challenge campaign aims to interpose between the treatment discord by raising funds to support cancer patients without access to dignified care and treatment.


The Pink Golf Challenge is cancer initiative that aims to use golf as a funding mechanism to engage in nationwide cancer screenings in partnership with Doctors that Care.

PGC hosts mobile Cancer Screening Activation in remote parts of South Africa with mobile testing units to reach men and women in under resourced communities. In partnership with Doctors that Care – we aim to screen 10 000 people per region, over each 3 day activations.


Our mission is to raise funds to build South Africa’s first specialised hospital dedicated to cancer research and development, screening and treatment by 2025. Fundraising efforts will be articulated through 4 golf challenges and cancer awareness activations with doctors and public figures. 

Our PGC sub-projects form as part of our ongoing efforts to improve the following intervention touchpoints;

  1. Earlier and faster access to healthcare
  2. Public education programs
  3. Subsidized medical care
  4. Continuous empowerment of medical professionals
  5. Increasing institutional efficiency at level 1 screening phase
  1. To screen 1 million women and 500K men of breast, cervical and prostate cancer respectively by 2025 and engage in nationwide educational seminars that to augment screenings
  2. To build a financially viable but cost-effective oncology center by 2025
4. Alignment with NHI
  1. The Pink Golf Challenge aligns itself with the South African NHI by having a deep and appreciable understanding of the ethos, QUALITY HEALTHCARE ACCESS FOR ALL SOUTH AFRICAN CITIZENS. Treatable conditions are not being attended to on time, and preventable conditions are not being effectively prevented.

    We aim to partner with and complement to NHI by engaging in external funding mechanics and strategies that address the skewed and overburdened financing system in cancer treatment.

5. Alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals
  1. Non-communicable diseases only became part of the Agenda 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals in 2015. This alone speaks to the extent to which cancer has been in the hidden shadows in the global healthcare priority.

    The Pink Golf Challenge aligns itself with the UN’s SDG Goals by recognizing and addressing the economic and social burden of Cancer. Through our collaboration with medical doctors,  Golf funding mechanisms for R&D and nationwide testing and awareness campaign, and our 5 year campaign to build a fully funded Cancer Center – we intend to yield ‘wins’ within the SDG 3 


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The foundation is aimed to change the mindsets of human beings (Youth) through Film, Art and creating Business opportunities.

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